Month: November 2017

Browsing through Pinterest before the girls were born, I always came across the cutest twin costumes. However, when it came time to actually choose their first Halloween costume, I was stuck. Everything that I remembered either was still too old for them or just did not seem right.

In preparation for Halloween and still working through the costume dilemma, we took these adorable “Pinterest Inspired” pumpkin pictures. A few tips if you want to attempt these pictures and not end up with a “Pinterest Fail”.

  1. Make sure your baby is fed and still at least an hour out from naptime.
  2. Don’t carve the hole at the top of the pumpkin too large.
  3. Stuff blankets in the base of the pumpkin to make it more comfortable.
  4. Have at least one other person around to help make your baby/babies smile and look the right direction.
  5. Feed your baby squash baby food at least a few days before to ensure they are not allergic. It is inevitable that they will start chewing on the pumpkin.
  6. We did not do this, but I heard you can blow hot air from a hair dryer on the inside of the pumpkin to help warm it up.

“Pinterest Fail” for you

Now back to the costume dilemma. I went back and forth, which is really quite silly considering they have no idea they are even dressing up, until I settled on bumble bees. To be honest, the real reason I chose this costume is because it was on sale from Toys ‘R Us and looked cute online. At first I thought I was going to have them be little chickens and turn our stroller into a chicken coop. However, DIY costumes really add up, not to mention the time it would take. I also came across an easy beekeeper costume made from a painters suit, jungle hat and netting – I was sold. Austin and I could be beekeepers and the girls bumble bees.

Well, it rained for the girls’ first Halloween so we did not end up going Trick-or-Treating, We did still put them in their costumes to help hand out candy to the dedicated kids that came out in the rain. To be honest they probably preferred this and had more fun playing with the bags of Skittles than if they were sitting in a stroller.

For you other twin mama’s out there, here are few other twin costumes I came across that were adorable.

  1. Mouse and Cheese
  2. Grannies
  3. Cutie Oranges
  4. Chickens in a Chicken Coop
  5. Madeline




I love to celebrate…it doesn’t matter the occasion or season! Before we had the girls, I dragged Austin along with all of my holiday traditions and thankfully, he was a good sport about it. Now he even looks forward to them:) This year though, my little traditions seem even more exciting because we have the […]

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