Growing up, my mom always threw the best themed birthday parties! From a Luau to the Parent Trap to a Jungle Safari, there was never a lack of creativity. When we were back in California over the holidays, my parents hosted us our first baby shower and it was absolutely perfect. The fun thing about my mom hosting our shower was that I got to help with it. I love party planning and always helped her with my birthdays parties and even insisted I help set up for a bit on our wedding day.

Dress: Asos

The invitees were a mix of family, neighbors, my friends and my parents’ friends. It was such a sweet time to see everyone and celebrate the girls. We have been blown away by how encouraging all of our friends and family have been during this pregnancy. It makes this special time in our lives all the more exciting.

Now to a little about the details of the shower….

Small Bites: My dad’s cousin is an AMAZING chef and owns a catering business called Herbs & Spices. She brought a cheese platter, Mongolian Beef Skewers, Cranberry & Pomegranate Bruschetta and Chicken Lettuce Wraps. We also added some fresh veggies and fruit to the mix.

Cupcakes: We had the most adorable white and pink vanilla cupcakes topped with little bows and pearls. They were a mix of delicious full size and mini cupcakes. Since we had quite a few leftover, I recommend buying less than you think for those who are hosting a shower. We had around 40 guests and would have been great with 1 dozen full size and 1 dozen mini cupcakes.

Décor: We kept décor fairly simple with hues of light pink and white mixed with touches of silver. My mom made an adorable “Twice Blessed” banner and hung tissue paper pop-pom balls around the house. We added a few balloons and flowers for a festive touch. On the food table, my mom had pictures of Austin and me at almost the same age in our yellow bath rings. We hung these photos on the bathroom doors at our wedding reception so it was fun to reuse them!Baby shower games can be a bit difficult to come up with. You want to have activities for the guests, but not take up too much time doing them. Below are a few games/activities we did which worked great!

1. Clothespin Game: We tied pink bows to wooden clothespins and gave one to each guest when they arrived. If they said the word “twins”, then they would have to pin their clothespin on the person they were talking to. Whoever had the most pins after the first hour of the shower won! If you were just having a shower for a singleton, you could use another word like “baby”, “boy/girl”, etc.2. A Word of Encouragement, a Tip or Two: My mom found a cute pink journal and had it out for guests to write sweet notes in it throughout the shower.How Big is Mommy’s Belly?: Guests cut a piece of tape/ribbon that they felt was the circumference of my belly and wrote their name on it. We then measured all the pieces around my belly to see who had the closest guess! We found a role of measuring tape ribbon at a local party store specifically for this game, but you could use any type of yarn or ribbon. Word for the Wee Hours: This is a cute idea I have done at several other showers. No one enjoys middle of the night diaper changes, so guests can decorate newborn diapers with words of encouragement or funny sayings for parents to read during those late night changes. All you need are a few Sharpies and diapers! Take a Guess…: We filled a giant baby bottle, also from a local party store, with light pink and white mints. Guests had to estimate how many mints it took to fill the bottle. We made it a bit trickier by adding an empty paper towel roll to the middle of the bottle and filling it with cotton balls so we did not have to use as many mints. Of course, you could not see the paper towel roll when looking at the bottle.

We are so thankful for all the friends and family that made this shower special and to my parents for hosting it!

I will be sharing some of our other showers in the coming weeks as well on tips for creating a baby registry, so stay tuned!