Every family has their special holiday traditions! I cannot wait to start new traditions with our girls as we blend special traditions from both of our family and friends. Every year my best friend’s family hosts their Annual Bruschetta Party. In my opinion, this is by far one of the most creative, yet easiest holiday parties to host.

Every guest is instructed to bring a bruschetta dish and bottle of wine to share. Guests must arrive promptly at 6:00 p.m. because judging starts shortly thereafter. The judges consist of the winner from the previous year plus several chefs or owners of local restaurants. They take into account everything from taste, display, originality, etc. There are several categories of winners like “Judges’ Favorite” and “People’s Choice” awards. Once the judges have sampled all the bruschetta, everyone else is able to start eating. Each guest receives five “Bruschetta Bucks” that they can distribute amongst their favorite bruschetta dishes.

Each year there seems to be a trend amongst the different recipes, but without a doubt, there will always be a few recipes that include bacon. I have seen everything from salmon bruschetta to pizza bruschetta to sushi bruschetta to dessert bruschetta.

I always scour Pinterest trying to come up with the best bruschetta that no one has made yet. However, this year, I decided to go with my classic bruschetta…nothing more than fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, garlic and a little salt and pepper served on a baguette. Nothing special, but it does taste pretty good in my opinion! Well the judges thought the same because guess what, I WON the Judges’ Favorite award! Not only does this mean I get the honor of being a judge next year, but I also received a gift card to a local restaurant and a nice bottle of wine which we are saving for after the girls arrive.