The reality of being pregnant didn’t set in right away, but our first doctor’s appointment made everything a reality very quickly. I don’t know about your doctor, but it seems like no matter how early you get to your appointment, you always have to wait for at least 30 minutes to be seen. The waiting room was filled with plenty of mamas-to-be at all stages of pregnancy. Austin and I kept looking at each other like this is going to be us!

“Veronica… Veronica… Veronica?” Clearly the person the ultrasound tech was looking for was not in the room. She glanced down at the chart again and said “Oh sorry… Lisa?” Haha, now I am not quite sure how you confuse Lisa and Veronica, but either way we were just excited to be seen. On our way back, she jokingly said, “Now y’all are the ones with twins, right?” We quickly reassured her we were not and she just smiled saying she liked to switch things up on new parents since she did the same thing day in and day out.


The moment had finally arrived for us to see our sweet little baby, and the second the screen turned on our jaws dropped. There was not one, but very clearly TWO little babies. Two healthy, ten week old twins! Both Austin and I had talked about how fun it would be to have twins but never in a million years thought it would ever happen. The remainder of our appointment was a complete blur as we answered a myriad of questions about family histories (note to all you new moms, be sure to have notes on all family medical history before your first appointment), genetic testing, cord blood registries, etc.

Once the initial shock of the twins wore off, we wanted to think of a fun way to tell our families. We decided to make little boxes for each of the grandparents that had baby onesies with “Guess What?” on one onesie and the due date on another. Below that, we included a card from the twins and their first ultrasound picture.



Version 2

It took all the grandparents a minute or two to realize there were twins, but when they did, their reactions were priceless:)