Everyone has a few key moments in life that drastically impact their future. Friday, September 2, 2016 was one of those for me. Austin and I were enjoying the young married/working life. A large family is something both of us wanted; often we would talk about the day when we would have kids. However we weren’t at a point yet where starting a family was high on our priority list… but God had another plan. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know my husband, he is incredibly attentive to detail. In fact, he is able to notice the slightest change or deviance from the ordinary that most people are completely oblivious to. I was going about my normal life when Austin suggested that I should probably take a pregnancy test. Since I did not feel pregnant, I didn’t even consider it a possibility, but given his attention to detail I figured I should probably take a test. I took one that Friday afternoon and could not have been more surprised to see two pink lines start to appear. Naturally I assumed the test was a false positive, so I proceeded to take two more digital tests. Not only did they confirm I was pregnant, but also informed me that I was at least 3+ weeks along. Wow, this was not the Friday night I was expecting, and Austin had quite the surprise when he arrived home.

That weekend, I thought I might be having a miscarriage, so my doctor had me do some blood work the following week. Thankfully everything was fine and she informed me that I was more like 7-8 weeks along and should come in the following week for an ultrasound. Joy, fear, happiness, worry, excitement, doubt and just about every other emotion in between Austin and I experienced in those first few days. We felt incredibly blessed to be the parents of the child I was carrying, but at the same time, in a little over our heads. To celebrate, Austin surprised me with the largest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen. Each room of our home was filled with beautiful flowers that were a special reminder of the gift we were given.


The funny thing is, looking back, we thought that week was crazy, but nothing could have prepared us for that first doctor’s appointment.