Month: November 2016

img_3673Footed Sleeper: Target | Knit Slippers: Target

My parents somehow managed to wait to find out the gender of my three brothers and me until we were born. Austin and I, on the other hand, had had enough surprises and opted to find out the twins’ genders as soon as possible. With genetic testing, you can now find out the gender by 12 weeks. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity (in reality a week) I finally got the call from the doctor’s office while I was at work.

I quickly jumped into a conference room to hear the results…. two girls!! Since I came from a family with all brothers, for some reason neither Austin nor I expected both of the babies to be girls. Our guess was either boy-boy or boy-girl. I think I asked the poor nurse if she was sure the results were correct four or five times. It is safe to say I did not get much done that last hour at work. My poor coworkers were dying to know the gender, but I told them they would have to wait until the next day because I had to tell Austin first.

Since I did not come up with a creative way to tell Austin we were pregnant, I wanted to do something special for the gender reveal. On my way home, I picked up pink balloons, supplies for pink cupcakes and pink baby outfits and slippers. I figured I might as well go all out and turn our living room into a pink surprise for him. img_3671


When Austin arrived home from work, I ambushed him at the front door to make sure he closed his eyes. On the count of three, he opened them to a shocking sea of pink. Poor guy had to sit down for a minute to take it all in. I am not much of a pink girl, so I don’t think there has ever been this much pink in our house. I know Austin will be the absolute BEST girl dad and these little girls will think the world of him.

The reality of being pregnant didn’t set in right away, but our first doctor’s appointment made everything a reality very quickly. I don’t know about your doctor, but it seems like no matter how early you get to your appointment, you always have to wait for at least 30 minutes to be seen. The waiting […]

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Everyone has a few key moments in life that drastically impact their future. Friday, September 2, 2016 was one of those for me. Austin and I were enjoying the young married/working life. A large family is something both of us wanted; often we would talk about the day when we would have kids. However we […]

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