Planning for a baby can be overwhelming. Planning for two babies can sometimes feel insane, but I promise it is not as hard as you may think. The day after we found out we were having twins, Austin Googled “How many diapers do twins use in a month?” If you estimate 10-12 diapers per day per baby – that makes 24 diapers a day – 168 diapers a week – 720 diapers a month. The thought of that many diapers is enough to make your head spin. Thankfully there is Amazon Subscribe&Save that not only ships diapers to your door, but offers the best price. Plus, now that the girls are older, we only go through a total of 12-14 diapers per day.

I wanted to wait to write this post until Emma and Olivia were a little older so I could give my honest opinion on what you truly need. Remember, not everything has to be new – your babies certainly won’t care and your bank account will thank you. We found great deals at Mothers of Multiples garage sales, Facebook Mom Groups and had wonderful friends who let us borrow or have some of their baby equipment and clothes.


You are going to go through a TON of diapers, but it is not as bad as you may think. Through Amazon Subscribe&Save, we typically spend less than $100 per month on diapers and wipes. Since you will have less space in your nursery because of two cribs, I recommend having your dresser double as a changing table. It saves space and the top drawer works well for holding supplies.

  1. Diapers – I know people say to stock up on diapers, but unless you receive them as a gift, I would hold off on buying too many because you don’t know what will work for your babies. We received tons of Pampers, but they gave our girls diaper rash so we had to switch to Huggies Little Snugglers. Huggies OverNite diapers are a must once your twins start sleeping through the night.
  2. Wipes – To avoid diaper rash, we only use Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Our friend, who is a pediatrician, recommended these wipes and our girls have been relatively rash free since switching to them.
  3. Diaper Cream – We have tried several different creams. Depending on the type of rash, our pediatrician recommended either Aquaphor or Lotrimin followed by A+D Ointment, but as always, I recommend checking with your pediatrician on what is best to use.
  4. Wipe Warmer – At first I was not going to use a wipe warmer because I did not think it was necessary and did not want the girls to get upset when we were out without one. After several weeks of traumatic diaper changes, I started using the wipe warmer and we were all much happier. Good news is they don’t seem to mind regular wipes when we are out. A little storage tip, we cut a hole in the back of the dresser for the cord and placed the wipe warmer in the top drawer of their dresser to eliminate cords lying around.
  5. Changing Pad – This is a great option that sits on top of your dresser.
  6. Changing Pad Cover (2) – The changing pad is plastic, so this cover makes it softer. If your twins are prone to accidents, you can throw this additional cover on top of it so you don’t have to wash the whole pad every time they have an accident.
  7. Ubbi Diaper Pail – I know it seems a bit expensive, but I guarantee it is worth the splurge. The steel locks in the odor MUCH better than plastic and you can use any standard kitchen trash bag so you end up saving money. Plus they come in lots of fun colors.
  8. Diaper Bag – This bag is a great size for daily use. You may think you want a larger diaper bag, but that will be a lot to carry around if you are running errands or going to dinner. I purchased some of these wipe holders to keep in it. I also have seen some cute backpack options like this one.


  1. Crib (2) – At first, your twins will be small enough to sleep in the same crib, but soon enough, they will need their own space. We love this one from Pottery Barn. You can read more about it in this post. Pottery Barn also offers a multiples discount (#10) if you purchase two or more of the same nursery furniture or bedding.
  2. Crib Mattress (2) – We have this one and it works great.
  3. Mattress pad cover (3-4) – We only have 3 and this has worked fine because we have yet to have two blowouts at once. It is smart to always have at least one spare so you are not left with nothing to use while you clean the dirty one.
  4. Sheets (2 sets) – I would purchase two sets of sheets so you have a clean one on hand if there is an accident because sometimes you just don’t have time to do laundry right away. We purchased a set from Pottery Barn and this one.
  5. Crib Skirt (2) – While not necessary, a crib skirt allows you to hide boxes under the cribs.
  6. HALO Sleep Sacks (4) – These are what our hospital used and make swaddling so much easier. We still put the girls in them every time they go down for a nap or to bed at night. I think it now helps signal that its time to sleep.
  7. Muslin Swaddles (4-6) – At the beginning we had to wrap the girls in sleep sacks and then swaddle them in a light blanket to make sure they stayed warm at night. Once they got a little bigger, we could skip the swaddling step but these blankets still work great to use on the floor or for a light layer in the car seat or stroller. We love the Aden + Anais swaddles.
  8. Pacifiers (8) – We like the WubbaNub and AVENT ones best. Some babies like pacis and others don’t, so I would not buy too many until you’re sure your twins like them.
  9. Pack ‘n Play (1-2) – For the first 8 weeks, the girls slept in our room at night. We loved this twin Pack ‘n Play and the girls could fit in the bassinets until they were 8 months. We now use a second pack ‘n play from a friend when we travel since they are too big to sleep in the same one.
  10. Pack ‘n Play sheets (2) – These sheets work well with the Graco Twin Pack ‘n Play.
  11. Baby Monitor – We wanted a video baby monitor with two cameras that would not use our home’s Wi-Fi for safety reasons. We heard good things about the Summer Infant Side by Side Split Screen and have been very pleased. This is the updated version of the monitor we have. The primary difference seems to be that it has a better color picture.
  12. White Noise Machine – This is a great option that is not expensive. We use the ocean waves.
  13. Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play (1) – We only used this for the first 8 weeks when the girls were still sleeping in our room. We mainly would use it if one of the girls woke up in the middle of the night and would not go back to sleep. You want to make sure you don’t use it too often or you risk your baby getting a flat spot on their head (positional plagiocephaly). This would be a great item to borrow from a friend.
  14. Fisher-Price Swing (1) – We received this as a hand-me-down from a friend. At first I was hesitant to use it because I did not want the girls to get flat heads or for it to become a sleep crutch. However, we went through several months where one of the girls would always wake up earlier from their naps than the other. We would place the one who woke up early in the swing and they would either fall back asleep or stay entertained until the other girl woke up. Now the girls think it is a special treat if they get to sit in the swing for a few minutes while I get their bath ready or clean their high chairs.


Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your twins, it is a lot of work, especially in those first few months. I promise it does get better! At first, our feeds would last 1 – 1.5 hours but now are done in 10-15 minutes.

  1. Boppy Pillow (2) – I found the best way to nurse the girls was to stack two boppy pillows on top of each other. I am fairly long-waisted so maybe if you are shorter, one will work. I tried the My Best Friend Twin Nursing Pillow but there was too much space between the pillow and my body, and it was also a little too wide to fit in our rocking chair. You can find lots of cute covers for your Boppy Pillows on Etsy.
  2. Burp Rags (12) – I find cloth diapers work best, but you can always get a few cute ones for when you are out. I like these ones from Aden + Anais.
  3. Bottles (4) – If you are breastfeeding, I would still purchase several bottles for when you decide to pump and feed your twins. The only bottles that work for us are the ComoTomo ones. They come with the medium flow nipple so make sure you order the slow flow nipple. I thought it was crazy when people said your baby would decide what bottle works for them, but they were right. With every other bottle, the girls would spill all over. I have heard the Tommee Tippee and Dr. Brown’s are other bottles that people like. Make sure you get a bottle brush for cleaning. We just use the brush and some Dawn dish soap to clean bottles and pumping parts.
  4. Boon Grass Drying Rack (1) and Twigs (2) – This rack has been great for drying bottles and pumping parts.
  5. Breast Pump – Check to see if your health insurance provides you with a breast pump, most will. I received a Medela Pump from mine and have been pleased with it. If you will be pumping exclusively or feel the pump from insurance is not sufficient, you can ask your pediatrician to write a prescription for a hospital grade pump which is more efficient. Since you will produce more milk with twins, I would order both 8 oz. and 5 oz. bottles to pump into. You also can order extra pumping parts so you do not need to wash parts every time you pump. Medela milk storage bags and wipes are also a must. Some storage bags let you pump directly into them, which is a great option and keeps you from having to wash as many pumping parts.
  6. Pumping Bra – It allows you to pump hands-free. Funny story about this bra. My brother, Brian, saw it on my registry and gave it to me as a joke for Christmas. It has probably been my most used baby gift:)
  7. Nursing Bras – In my opinion, it is not worth getting a nursing bra with twins. It is pretty difficult to discreetly nurse two babies and just easier to take everything off. Also, you will most likely need the support of a real bra if you produce enough milk for two babies. Sports bras with an underwire that close in the front have been a great option.
  8. Nursing Pads & Nipple Cream – While I have not needed to use nursing pads, I have heard good things about these ones. Nipple cream is super important to keep on hand during those early weeks.
  9. High Chairs (2) – These Graco high chairs have worked well for us. The girls do get them extra messy, but the covers are easy to wipe down or throw in the wash. I also like that they can transition to booster seats. I have heard that the Ikea high chairs are a good option if you are just looking for a simple high chair.
  10. Sippy Cups (4) – While the girls are just starting to use sippy cups, friends recommended the Munchkin Latch and the Munchkin Miracle 360.
  11. Spoons (8-12) – Between your twins wanting to play with the spoons and not wanting to do the dishes by hand after every meal, you will be surprised at how quickly you go through these. Go ahead and get two sets.
  12. Bibs (2) – For the first few months, the girls were such a mess when eating that we fed them in their diapers and these bibs. We still use these bibs and they are great for catching everything.


Chances are you will receive plenty of clothes at your showers. The girls are now 10 months old, and I have only bought a few items for them. Below are a few essentials I would make sure you have on hand when your twins first come home. The girls typically wear pajamas/onesies at night and a different outfit during the day. Depending on how often you want to do laundry, I would make sure to have at least 5 sets of pajamas and 5 sets of clothes (or pajamas work too:))

  1. Onesies with zipper – You will thank me during middle of the night diaper changes.
  2. White onesies (long and short sleeved) – These are classic and work great for layering.
  3. Socks – Make sure you have some socks for onesies that don’t have feet. Oftentimes, you need to closely monitor your twins’ temperature and wearing socks will keep them warm.
  4. Thick Knit Cap (2-4) – I know lots of newborn outfits come with cute cotton caps. I found most of them were too big for the girls at first and did not do a lot to keep them warm. Our hospital gift shop had some thicker preemie ones that were small enough to fit the girls.
  5. Favorite Brands – Gap, Old Navy, Carters, Janie & Jack, Zara.
  6. OxiClean – Works for getting almost all stains out. I keep some in their dresser, and spray any stains on their clothes before tossing them into the hamper because you can leave the spray on for several days. Dawn Dish Soap and water also help remove blowout stains. For regular washes, we just use Dreft detergent.


At first, you will just give your babies sponge baths. See if your hospital will send you home with some bath wipes. Once the umbilical cord falls off, you can transition to sink baths. I would only bathe one girl at a time and put the other one in a bouncy seat to entertain her. This was a good way to have one-on-one time with each twin. Around 7 months, when the girls could sit unassisted, we transitioned to the bathtub. Taking baths together has quickly become one of their favorite activities.

  1. Baby bath tub – This one worked great for us and is not expensive.
  2. Aveeno Bath Products – These are what the nurses in the hospital recommended, and they have worked great for the girls.
  3. Bamboo Washcloths – Super soft and gentle on babies’ skin.
  4. Shampoo Rinser – Works great for rinsing the girls off and also serves as a play toy for them too.
  5. Bath Spout Cover – You won’t need this at first, but once your twins get bigger and transition to the bathtub, it will come in handy.
  6. Bath Mat – Once your twins starting sitting in the tub, be sure you have a bath mat in place to keep them from slipping.
  7. Bath Thermometer – This little turtle makes keeping an eye on the bath temperature easy.
  8. Bath Toys – A few rubber finger puppets, teething toys or even kitchen utensils will work great. Don’t worry about buying anything too fancy.
  9. Nail Clippers – I promise cutting a baby’s nails is not as scary as it may seem. These clippers have a magnifying glass attached which makes the job easy.
  10. Towels (6) – I love the hooded towels from Pottery Barn Kids, but any towel will do.

Health, Safety & Carriers

  1. Britax B-safe 35 Infant Seat (2) – This car seat has worked great for us. Since your twins will most likely be small, make sure to get the head support. Also get these seat savers to protect the material on the seats in your car. A back seat mirror is not necessary, but is fun for your baby to look at.
  2. Car Seat Cover (2) – I like this one because it doubles as a nursing/pumping cover.
  3. Ergobaby Omni 360 (2) – This carrier works great and provides lots of support. The latest version is adjustable from newborn to toddler so you do not need to purchase the infant insert.
  4. Solly Wrap (1) – This is another great carrier option when your twins are little. It took me a while to figure out how to wrap them tight enough in it, but it worked well once I did.
  5. Baby Healthcare & Grooming Kit – Always good to have on hand.
  6. Digital Thermometer – You do not need anything fancy. A baby’s temperature is most accurate when taken rectally so any digital thermometer will work. Also be sure to have some Vaseline on hand to use as a lubricant.
  7. Nasal Aspirator – I know a lot of people swear by the NoseFrida, but I could never get it to work. Nose bulbs have worked just fine for us, just make sure you replace them every month or so. Our hospital sent us home with a good supply so make sure to ask for some. I also have seen a washable nasal aspirator, but have not tried it yet.
  8. Humidifier – Thankfully the girls have not been sick enough to need a humidifier, but I have heard good things about this one from Honeywell.
  9. Outlet Covers – You can get more baby proofing items as your twins get older, but I have found outlets and cords are the first “dangerous” items they go after so best to have them covered.


  1. BOB Revolution PRO Duallie Jogging Stroller – I cannot say enough good things about our BOB. If you are a runner or even if you plan on just going on lots of walks, this stroller is worth it. Around 3 months, I started using it with the girls laying down with their heads supported by their car seat head support Around 6 months, I adjusted them to a seated position. We also got the handle bar console, which holds your water and phone and the snack tray for when they are older (looking back, we probably did not need the snack tray). While this stroller does have a car seat attachment, you can only attach one car seat at a time.
  2. Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller – This is a fantastic, lightweight stroller for the first few months when your twins stay in their car seats. I even used it for walks around the neighborhood during those first few months. It is not too expensive and well worth your money. The storage bin underneath holds a lot as well. We got ours at a Mothers of Multiples garage sale.
  3. Umbrella Stroller – While we have not used our umbrella stroller yet, other twin moms have told me it is a great option to keep in the back of your car as your twins get older.


  1. Boppy Lounger (1)– Great for when the twins are little. We would place it on our bed in the mornings when the girls would first wake up.
  2. Baby Bouncer (2) – We had one Fischer Price Bouncer and the other was a hand-me-down. Now that the girls are older, they like to pull up on the Fisher Price Bouncer and spin the animals.
  3. Jumper (1) – Both my girls, but especially Olivia, love their jumper. It has provided hours of entertainment.
  4. Sit Me Up Seats (2) – I would recommend getting these over the Bumbo seats. Our girls started using them around 3 months, and they can even be used has high chairs. The leg openings in the Bumbo are a bit small so your twins can quickly outgrow them. However, if you have a friend who will let you borrow their Bumbo, they are nice to have on hand.
  5. Teething Toys (4-8) – this one is a favorite in our house.
  6. Fisher Price Piano Gym – The girls started using this when they were just a week or two old and used it until they were 9 months.
  7. Excersaucer (1-2) – These are great items to get as hand-me-downs or at garage sales as long as they are still up to code. This is how we found both of ours. Ours is similar to this Baby Einstein one.
  8. Activity Table (1) – The girls started using this around 8 months, when they could stand up and hold onto things. They love it!
  9. Activity Walker (1-2) – At first the girls were content to sit in front of their walkers to play. Then they started using them as climbing toys and just now are starting to use them to practice walking. We found our walkers at a garage sale and love how they fold down flat.
  10. Musical Instruments – Around 8 months we purchased some musical instrument toys like this and this for the girls. They love them! We probably could have introduced them a little earlier!
  11. Stacking Cups – While a simple toy, the girls absolutely are obsessed with these. They stack them, toss them and even use them as chew toys.
  12. Mirrors – I highly recommend placing several mirrors in the nursery. We have one on the wall so the girls can see themselves when we hold them. We secured a closet door mirror horizontally, at floor level so the girls can see themselves while playing.
  13. Board Books – From a young age, both girls love to read. This book has by far been their favorite, we read it at least three times a day.
  14. 365 Things Every New Mom Should Know – My mom wrote this book, and I love it. It has a little activity, song or word of encouragement for each day of your baby’s first year as well as a weekly devotional. I have been terrible at keeping up with their baby books, but whenever they learn something new, reach a milestone or visit a new place, I write it down in this book on the day it happened. Eventually I will write them in their baby books, but this has made documenting their first year much easier.

Even if you aren’t having twins, this registry works well for a single baby. There are just a few items you won’t need two of.:)

All photos taken by Mel Conner Photography.










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